Bathroom Design

Break out of the box bathroom ideas


Bathrooms are a space where we spend a lot of time but nobody talks about them; make your bathroom a place you never want to leave with some of these ideas.


Don’t be afraid to add patterns and color.

In smaller bathrooms people advise to keep everything neutral to make the space appear larger, but some great floor tiles or splashes of color on the walls can liven up an otherwise dull space.


Indulge your own style

People might tell you that a spa like bathroom is best, but if your taste runs more to bamboo, bohemian shower curtains or fluffy old school bathmats then that is what you should do. It’s your bathroom, and you’re the one that has to live in it.

Some great new bathroom designs out there include: industrial salon design and a great washroom style design, along with many more. Do your research and find something completely unique that you will love.


Don’t hide the TP

Make sure toilet paper is always visible, it’s absolutely humiliating for guests to either have to drip dry or ask you for a new roll. Save them the embarrassment and keep your toilet paper next to the loo where it belongs.


Tiles are not essential

Let’s face it, tiles are cold, if you can properly waterproof it, wooden floors can be a great alternative. They’re warmer against the feet and give your bathroom and warmer and cozier feel in general.


Make your towels a feature

Scraggly towels can often make a bathroom look dirty or tired, so invest in some good quality heated towel rails and buy some funky colored towels. It’s a great way to liven up your bathroom, while being functional at the sam