Tips and Tricks to Decorate Small Spaces

Usually, small spaces are hard to decorate. It demands creative storage, needs every square inch used properly.  For a quick thought, it’s not a wise decision to put in some large furniture, I say that’d be wrong, large furniture are also great way of opening up a small space.  Remember that the purpose of bringing in small chairs is to give space for decorations and maybe larger coffee tables, the irony is, large sofa’s are also decorations if you know how to choose the most beautiful but affordable modern furniture found in store.

10261097_732403640127271_1508093880_nEmploying small pieces of chairs brings mess and the place will look like a play room while putting in large chairs can make the place elegant even without decorations.

If you are a fan of table lamps, table lamps are also great at the kitchen counter so you don’t have to get another table for your lamp, make your kitchen more than a cooking place full of just utensils. Be artistic, find some decorative knife holders so you don’t need to put some decorations in the kitchen, be mindful that being a decorative person means to become artistic.

If in case you are a lover of large windows and the space doesn’t allow that? you can hang your curtains from near the ceiling all the way down to the floor and widen it by extending at least 10 inches from the edge of the window. Use plain colors but with texture.

One last thing, never buy anything that serves only one purpose, tables are a good example, tables could be a study table and a coffee table at the same time.