Granny Chic

Furniture and clothing have always shared fashion trends and the current “granny chic” is no exception. Granny chic should not be confused with shabby, unkept, or tacky. It is a specific style that can stand on its own. But it doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all your current furniture and hunt around in thrift shops or flea markets for the perfect sofa. However, the hunt for accent pieces should provide many hours of keen anticipation of finding that perfect cushion or patchwork throw. One or two vintage petit point or flocked velvet cushions can lift a room from drab to inviting.


Animals and Victorian sceneries are part of the revival which granny chic embraces.




Take your cues from the fashion designers – patterns don’t necessarily have to match, but colours should generally be complementary.


Granny chic means comfort, both in furniture and clothing, so soft cushions on sofas and usable throws are the order of the day. Crocheted and knitted blankets and cushion covers invite the visitor to relax and enjoy a cup of tea from an antique cup. The teapot might be kept warm with a patchwork tea-cosy presented on an old silver tray sporting an exquisitely embroidered cloth.


Once you’ve decided that you want to transform your current furnishings into granny chic, there are two ways with which you can update your look:

  1. The more expensive option – reupholster your current furniture in floral prints or gingham and use plain or contrasting accent furniture in complementary colours.
  2. The less expensive option – cushions, throws, embroidery and petit point wall hangings framed in vintage frames. For those souls brave enough, framed pieces of clothing items or pieces of fabric the same as an item of clothing, can provide a quirky face-lift and talking point to keep visitors busy for hours.

Of course, you could buy one or two accent chairs that will fit right in with your current décor taste.


Wingback chairs are a must-have for any serious granny chicker. A funky gingham cushion will complete the look and demand you spend hours embraced in its warmth while reading a good book.


The exterior of the home should not be neglected when you’re going the granny chic route. Beautiful creepers such as Jasmine and Wisteria over the entrance or a lattice-work pergola will transport visitors back to a more gentle era.