You Can Create a Dreamy Patio, Even on a Budget

The pro and con of using Pinterest seems to lie in the same reason people use the website: to collect ideas for their next home project. While perusing the website’s home décor section, it’s not uncommon to scroll through hundreds of designer patios that underwent meticulous edits before being declared the “perfect” patio. However, you can use many of these photos as inspiration for how to get the patio of your dreams.


  1. Be neutral

As tempting as it may be to choose some bold, bright colors for your patio furniture, instead look for neutral colors. Palettes that use white, ivory, black, grey, brown, and navy have a timeless quality and can easily pair with items from different collections. If you want to add color and pattern, look for pillows, throws, and other accessories that can be easily changed out.


  1. Think in layers

Layers goes for everything in the patio area: floors, seating, lighting, etc. Start with your base elements in items you love: the table, armchairs, umbrella or tent, basic lighting, and a clean, even floor. Once you have these established, you can begin adding additional items, such as an area rug, string lights, wall hangings, and other items.


  1. Design the seating area

After you choose your items in your base layer, create a basic layout for the seating area. This will be the core area that will be used and should focus on creating a comforting space for conversation and relaxation. Basic layouts often have the seats arranged around a table in the same style as a living room. Figure out what works for you and arrange your furniture from there.


  1. Choose lighting

As stated in the layering section, look into using at least two sources of lighting. This will prevent it from feeling harsh and one of these can act as a backup in case of the lights happens to go out on you. Since most people tend to have a basic patio light, try adding some string lights around the main seating area. These can be the smaller twinkle lights used during the holidays or larger globe bulbs made especially for patio use. Additional lighting can also include candles, tiki torches, or even a small fire pit.


  1. Add some green

Since you are outdoors, look into adding potted plants of various sizes that will be hardy enough to stand outdoor temperatures. Larger plants can sit in pots on the group while smaller ones can stay on tables or hang from the wall or ceiling. The plants will act as that additional layer to your patio and will also help it to feel more cozy and unique.


  1. Personality

Don’t forget to incorporate your personality into the patio space! Much of your personality can shine through the type of furniture, the fabrics, the accessories used, and even the type of lighting you choose. Let this guide you into creating a space you won’t want to leave.

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